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Unlock revenue and expenditure analyses

After claiming your ClearGov page, you'll be able to drill into revenue and expenditures to see how your funding and departmental spending compares to similar communities.  You'll also be able to visualize trends in your budget that are often difficult to see in spreadsheets.

Customize Your Peer Comparisons

Want to see how your municipality compares to your group of peer communities?  Our custom peer group tool allows you to easily define a new set of peers to benchmark your community against.

Claimed pages can create one custom peer list with up to three peer communities.

Update Financial Figures

Leverage our self-service financial reporting tools to update your ClearGov site with more recent fiscal data.  Creating a visual budget has never been easier!

Dr. Andrew Keough

Our Clients Speak Volumes...

“ClearGov delivers easily accessible, comparative benchmark data that enabled us to show how different segments of our budget were actually very reasonable requests…the feedback we received was quite positive.”

“Data analysis and benchmarking have become a critical, yet arduous component of our budgeting and planning process. ClearGov for Schools delivers time-saving analyses and powerful insights for our administration.”

Dr. David Lussier

Superintendent, Easton Public Schools

Superintendent, Wellesley Public Schools

Data is the new lifeblood of modern organizations. ClearGov helps administrators, board members and department heads get on the same page with a common set of empirical data and make more informed and data-driven decisions.

Drive Trust &


By taking a proactive stance on transparency, your school district can drive community support by more clearly communicating key dynamics and better conveying your efforts to eradicate inefficiencies and improve performance.

Save Time

Empower Stakeholders

Benchmarking has become a critical practice for school districts, but it has traditionally been time-consuming. ClearGov offers easy-to-use tools that enable quick yet powerful benchmarking analyses without complicated spreadsheets.

Peekskill City School District, NY

Framingham Public Schools, MA

Leading School Districts Rely on ClearGov

Millis Public Schools, MA

Haldane Central School District, NY

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