Are you ready to take the first step toward becoming a more modern, transparent school district?

ClearGov transparency profiles help you share critical performance and financial data in a way that's super-easy for families in your district to understand. We make it easy to nurture a truly informed, engaged resident population. 

Claim your school district's profile page and get started today!

Step One: Claim Your Page

Why Claim Your Page?

Take control.

Your existing ClearGov profile page contains a ton of data, but it's publicly-available data. Control your own profile and keep it up-to-date with exactly the data you wish to display.

Keep families up to date.

Improve family relations by updating the public data in your profile with your most recent actual data. Help families understand how their school taxes are being used.

Benchmark your performance.

Track your progress by comparing your performance to school districts near you. Create a custom group of districts to compare yourself against, based on whatever criteria you like.

Test-drive ClearGov Projects.

Our project communications feature helps you keep families in the loop with the progress of your capitol projects. Try ClearGov Projects for free when you claim your profile page.

There's Even More Under the Hood.

Show families financial & performance details, in an easily-understood format.

Compare finances and performance with similar school districts near you.

Use historical info & artificial intelligence to project line-item data into the future. 

End Excel headaches with budgeting software built just for local school districts.

Keep families in the loop with everything that's going on in your capital projects.

Hundreds of U.S. School Districts Use ClearGov.

ClearGov is building a community of transparent, data-driven, modern governments. Will you join us?

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